The Importance of Confidence

For my first proper blog post, I wanted to write about the importance of cofidence.

I’ve been thinking about this topic because my confidence was recently knocked by someone questioning my new business venture. I’ve worked really hard to start up my own side business and this person came along, thinking they knew better, rudely criticising it. The old me would have let this bother me for ages but the new me realised this…

The key to reaching your goals is having the confidence in yourself, your abilities and your instincts and knowing that you will get there. That applies to everything: business, fitness, finance… Life!

Unfortunately, there will be people along the way who are just waiting to bring you down and stop you from achieving these goals. They might be unhappy in their own lives and don’t want to see others succeed, they might feel left behind but unwilling to do anything to reach their own goals, they might just be struggling and having a moment of doubt in themselves and taking that out on you. Whatever the reason, you need to forget about them and their negativity and just focus on yourself.

If you’re goal is to lose weight, you’ll probably have a friend who’s not motivated enough to stick to their own diet and exercise plan and offering you cake to tempt you off track. If you’re doing really well saving for something and a friend is always broke, they’ll tempt you to buy that new dress you’ve seen in the window.

Here are some fab tips on how to be more confident…

A xx

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